• Harrads hotel

    Harrads Hotel is a four star hotel. Ensure the room is 76 by 71 rooms.

  • Beach Resort

    Hotel Aditya Beach Resort individual Balinese style resort, located at Lovina Beach.

  • All Seosons legian

    Hotel All Seasons Legian Bali is located near the Kuta Beach, Legian Kuta retail shops.

  • 3 star spa

    Adhi Jaya Hotel is a three star hotel is a boutique concept and service that touch personal.

  • Best Facespa

    Bali, many agree that the most famous island of Bali in Indonesia.

Hotel in Bandung

Also nicknamed the Flower City Bandung of West Java capital. Since diketinggian parahyangan 768m, a beautiful mountainous regions and lush it is very pleasant and mild climate. It is similar to European-style Parisian named menbuatnya Parijs Van Java also the Dutch. The city is known for wearing apparel, universities, and a great place for a gastronomic adventure, since the opening of the highway Padaleunyi Bandung is often the main destination can enjoy nature tours such as river and waterfall Citumang, Tourism Village Cinunuk (Cileunyi), Pangandaran Beach and Mount Tangkuban Perahu the people like the weekend one of the target, especially in Jakarta and its surrounding communities who are tired after a few days of activity.

Among the many attractions in this city makes it a place in Bandung pembisnis pembisnis-catering in the city. Various Hotels Bandung compete to provide services and are fasilitias. No exceptions to the no-star hotels in Bandung. 5-star hotels, 4 star hotels, 3 star hotels in Bandung, you can easily find all of the city Bandung.



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